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A transcendent state of happiness and joy in which there is no suffering from external stresses.

Hi everyone. I’m Naseema- Founder of Finding Nirvana. Although not initially intended to be a blog, I’ve decided to add some posts to my website to allow you guys to get to know me and what I am trying to do with this company. This first post will be all about who I am as a person, so feel free to follow me if any of this resonates with you!

If you’ve been following any of my business, you’ll know that it is centred around health and wellness (physical and mental/emotional). I am a yoga and pilates instructor and my desire in this life is to help people achieve inner happiness and peace, regardless of what is happening in their lives and external environments. However, that’s not where I started.

Who am I?

Well, I don’t really have the answer to that (do any of us really?), so I’ll give you some background on me instead.

I was born and raised in South Africa. I have three sisters. Although involved in health and wellness, I started off working in corporate environments. I am a qualified Mechanical Engineer with a Master’s degree. After a successful career and years of working in high pressure environments, I decided that I needed more from life than what was on offer. I was over worked (yet well paid), had a few mean boss stories to tell (don’t we all?) and so, so unhappy. In other words, the high salary I was being paid was not buying me the time or the happiness that I craved. So I quit. Ok, not as dramatic as that! I spent some time figuring things out and then quit. The primary lesson learned during that time was that we can be happy, in fact, we should be happy, regardless of what’s happening in our lives! I decided that I’d like to help others find inner peace and happiness too, regardless of their circumstances, or current positions in life. I wanted people to know that you can be happy no matter what plagues your outside world (more on that later). So this girl set off on a journey of self discovery, while trying to take everyone along with her. A journey to find Nirvana (see above). This journey helped me discover that I can have it all, we all can! I can do yoga and love fashion enough to sell fashionable fitness leggings.(please click on sneaky link to look at my pants!)

So welcome to the journey and ramblings of someone just trying to hold onto the little piece of freedom she’s managed to stumble upon. I’m glad you could join me in Finding Nirvana.

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