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Meet Naseema

I started doing yoga over 10 years ago as a form of exercise. I incorporated it into my daily workout regime, to create a holistic health programme. Although I signed up to transform my body through yoga, I found a greater transformation happening- a transformation of my mind. I made an undertaking to continuously work on my level of consciousness, to improve my life. I then decided that I wanted more out of my yoga practice, so I enrolled with a teacher’s training institute. The more yoga classes I attended, the more I realised that yoga is more than just exercise. It is a link in a chain amongst other, equally important, links.

I later discovered Pilates and realised that the combination of the two resulted in a massive change in the wellness of my existing clients. In addition to the increased mindfulness, strength and flexibility achieved through yoga, clients began to notice a reduction in chronic pain and injuries due to sports and other activities.

I have since made it my life’s work to assist other people to make a transformation in their lives, to transform their bodies, as they transform their minds. I combine the use of mental and emotional exercise, through meditation and yoga, with physical exercise, through Pilates.
Focusing on the mind, body and soul is the key to living a life of higher consciousness, a life beyond suffering, a life in Nirvana.